5 Best Essential Oils to Have: Boost Your Skin and Hair Health

Everyone wants smooth skin and healthy hair right? Essential oils can go a long way in helping you achieve this. There are popular best essential oils to have that you can select from and try out. Apart from the effects that you will get in your skin and hair, there are loads of other amazing health benefits that you can enjoy. They can help with de-stressing and curing headaches. Some of the essential oils have been known to promote better sleep.

Due to their popularity, there are many best essential oil companies that have been set up so as to meet the rising demand. You may opt to have a spa experience because they are very unique. However, with such visits, you will have to pay quite a bit of money. You can still work the magic at home when you have the best oils with you.

You need to understand that essential oils are usually highly concentrated, aromatic, and concentrated liquids that are extracted purely from leaves, roots, stems, barks, flowers, seeds, and even fruits of different plants. There are essential oils for sores on the skin that can make a great difference. Different extracts have different uses and when you know the difference, and then you will be on your way to having great skin and hair.

How I selected the 5 best essential oils for Skin and Hair   

There have been many changes in aromatherapy and the use of essential oils. Selecting the best was not an easy thing. However, there are some things that I considered so as to come up with this list. The general rule is to keep away from all synthetic chemicals and opt for the healthier and natural products.

The first thing I considered is purity. The companies I selected test their products and therefore you are certain of what exactly you are buying. The most common test is the GC/MS test.

The second thing is the plants used. The best oils come from indigenous plants. Where oil is made in a lab, then it is not a true essential oil but a synthetic one. The best quality oils are extracted from plants in native locations.

The third thing I looked at is the experience of the company or brand. I considered how long they have been working on and selling the oils and how trusted their products are. You notice that the companies that lead in this area usually have a lot of in-depth knowledge of the oils. Such companies usually have experts working for them and therefore, they produce the highest quality oils.

With the above three considerations, I was able to come up with some of the best choices in the market today. Diffusing essential oils after surgery can tell you the importance that lies in choosing the highest quality oils so as not to compromise your health.

5 best essential oils to have

Organic –lavender-grape seed-vitamin moisturizer

best essential oils to have

This is an organic moisturizer that has 4 raw ingredients, namely extra virgin oil, lavender essential oil, grapeseed, almond and with vitamin E for the feet, nails, hair, skin, and face. It is available in a fine mist spray bottle. The oil is organic and unrefined pressed oil. It is vegan and animal-friendly. The fact that it is paraben free and non-GMO makes it one of the best choices available.

This is one of the best essential oils for the skin. It will hydrate and soften the skin for a smoother look. When you use this product, you will get a skin tone that is even and also eliminate minor skin discoloration, skin irritation, acne, hives, and rashes. This oil also softens rough hands, heels, cracked feet, and elbows.

This is the best oil to restore and nourish the skin with moisture all over the body after you get a sunburn or after you have been exposed to the sun. You can smooth those fine lines and eliminate the wrinkles and age spots, this can help in the elimination of stretch marks too, especially if you start applying at your 8th week of pregnancy.

The other great thing is that it is good for all the hair types including the afros, straight, and wavy. It gives best results when used daily.

USDA certified organic rosehip essential oil

best essential oils to have

This is an organic oil that is fortified and guaranteed as authentic, natural, and pure and hexane free. When you use this essential oil, you can easily deal with skin issues such as acne scars. The organic oil has an anti-inflammatory property that can be used in the reduction of scars, fine lines, acne, and stretch marks and so on. It helps with anti-aging because it tightens the skin so as to keep the body, lips and face supple and hydrated. It is a great toner for the face and it has a great fragrance.

The rosehip oil is very rich in fatty acids, omega 6, and omega 3.  The vitamins keep your skin youthful by accelerating the cellular activity and slowing the aging process. When used on hair, it adds volume and shine to damaged hair, permed hair or even colored hair oil is also amazing massage oil and can be used in face cream as well as other beauty products.

When it comes to hair, this oil can be used so as to remove dandruff. This loll is great for nails. It also reduces itching and flaking. The fact that it is paraben free makes it amazing beauty oil that can be a great moisturizing cream, natural scar removal, and hair growth serum. This also falls under the essential oils for stitches category.

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Viva natural’s sweet almond hexane

best essential oils to have

This is natural oil that is pure and unscented. It comes undiluted and has no ingredients added into it. Every batch is carefully tested for purity. It can be used by people with sensitive skin type. The oil is oppressed from the almond tree-sweet almond- that has a great aroma and flavor; it is an amazing source of phytosterols and vitamin E that allows you to have a radiant and youthful complexion.

This is one of the best oils for softening the hair and skin too. The sweet almond oil definitely nourishes the hair and should be a part of the daily routine in the nighttime or the morning; you can prepare a facial serum, or even a hair mask by simply adding some drops of the oil. The oil acts as a nail strengthener too.

This oil is also an amazing makeup remover. Most of the makeup removers available in the market have synthetic ingredients which can irritate your skin very much. This oil is an amazing remover of the stubborn eye makeup and so on.

You only have to add your oils to the almond so as to get a relaxing massage. You can also take a bubble bath in it and it can be really relaxing.

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Therapeutic frankincense peppermint eucalyptus grapefruit

best essential oils to have

The set usually includes grapefruit, eucalyptus, cinnamon, lemongrass, spearmint, clove, lime, lemon, tea tree, orange, rosemary, peppermint, lavender, and frankincense. This oil is best used for home care, spa use, diffusers, body oil massage, and aromatherapy.

The essential oils used to make this are one hundred percent natural and pure grade without added ingredients. You should never sacrifice the best quality because of the price. There are no bases, carrier or chemicals added to the oil.

Typically, the essential oils are extracted from the bark, flowers, leaf, fruits, seeds or even the roots of plants. These are totally natural and very healthy products that mean that a single drop is actually adequate depending on the use at hand. Processes like distillation and steaming are used so as to separate the oil and water of that particular plant. Single oil comes with very powerful compounds and this is where the amazing traits like disinfecting, nourishing and healing come from.

This essential oil is usually obtained through distillation and they come bearing the characteristic fragrance of plants or any other source from whence it is extracted. The oil can be used in diffusers, aromatherapy, making of balms, creams, DIY soaps, topical use, and so on. This is one of the best essential oils for diffusers.

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Lavender essential oil

best essential oils to have

There are lots of lavender oil available on the market today, but it is important to appreciate the fact that they are not all equal. There is always high-quality oil. This oil is acquired from Bulgaria and it doesn’t have any kind of pesticides, carrier oils or fillers. The ingredient is Avandula Angustifolia which is undiluted and steam distilled.

If you suffer from anxiety, depression, stress, or insomnia, then this is the oil for you. It has a fragrance that is wonderful and very calming and it is this that makes it a great oil for purposes of relaxation. It is a drug-free anti-depressant that allows you to get a very peaceful rest. It is the natural treatment for all your migraines and headaches.

The other great thing is the effects it has on your skin and hair. It eliminates and even reduces some conditions like acne, dermatitis, psoriasis, eczema and so on. It is a natural defense against those stubborn wrinkles. It also helps in the rejuvenation of dry and charred skin and also restores your complexion without having to apply any chemicals that could be harsh to your skin.

This essential oil is totally ideal for the hair and skin. It is also by far the best oil for massage purposes as it treats muscle pain and also soreness. It also improves circulation, lowers the blood pressure, reduce inflammation, detoxifying and also providing a kind of antioxidant support.

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Essential oils are still very important today. The modern way of living can be very stressful at times and overwhelming too. One of the things we can borrow from those before us is the power that we can get from natural oil extracts that definitely make us feel better.

Many generations of all kinds of cultures and climates have for a long time used plants as well as minerals for purposes of relaxation. The knowledge is not yet listed even though we have more effective medicines today. Essential oils are still very much in use in today’s world. There are some must-have essential oils for diffusing. The key is to select high quality at all times.