Best Bra For Back Fat: 5 Perfect Back Fat Bras To Hide & Cover Back Fat

Best Bra For Back Fat

Looking for best bra for back fat? If yes then lets read….

Your make-up’s flawless, you’re blessed with a good hair day, the accessories are faultless and your dress fits superbly. 

All perfect till you pirouette in front of the mirror.

And catch a glimpse of those hideous bulges spilling out of your low-cut gown at the back!

Back fat is a nightmare for most of us, whatever our age, size or shape. 

You can be nice about it and refer to those deep lines at the back as “angel wings” but whatever you call them, they’re not beautiful.

We envy smooth (even bony) backs that gleam out at us from skinny, strappy gowns and itsy-bitsy swim-wear. We vow that we will exercise more and eat less, join yoga classes and lift weights. 

But stubborn “back cleavage” is tough to get rid of and easy to miss. In fact, most often, it isn’t even “fat.” It could be just your body getting squeezed too tight by the wrong size lingerie. 

If you’re overweight, losing pounds can certainly make a difference, and that’s the long-term goal. 

Meanwhile, there’s plenty that can be done to camouflage ugly back bumps with clever styling tips. Choosing the best bra for back fat is the first step. 

How I Selected The 5 Best Bras For Back Fat

Selecting the right bra for back fat is based on some crucial aspects. These include:

Size: Get yourself professionally fitted for the right size bra. Wearing a bra that’s too small and tight creates unwanted bulges. Make sure that you can squeeze two fingers between the clasp and your back at its loosest setting. The straps shouldn’t cut into your shoulders and the cup size should be right. 

Material: A softer, more stretchy material works best to cut bulges and bumps. This type of fabric also enables easier movement and breathing. Cotton is still the best choice, because it’s non-allergenic, comfortable, absorbent and easy to wash both by hand and machine. Another good choice is microfiber because it’s soft, breathable, thin and lightweight. It also feels comfortable and is easy to wash. 

Design: The design is all-important for a best bra for back fat. Seamless bras with smoothing panels at the back and sides are ideal. Avoid under-wiring and choose designs with more structured backs, high wings under the arms, wider shoulder straps. It’s important to make sure that the bra sits in a straight line when you wear it and choose lightweight cups that offer full coverage. You can select different designs to match your outfits. 

5 Best Bras for Back Fat

Curvation Women’s Back Smoother Underwire Bra 5304570

Best Bra For Back Fat

This is a great choice for all day wear and keeps you comfortable and looking great. The back smoother panels flatten those ugly bulges and the design flatters your natural curves. Made of 78% nylon and 22% spandex, it’s easy to wash and has a classic hook and eye closure. You get full coverage and comfort, while the flexible design at the back ensures that it stays in place all day long. So this could be the best bra for back fat. 

This bra gives you all the support you need, without the strain or pain. The straps stay well in place without sliding, slipping or digging into your shoulders and leaving nasty welts. 

The Curvation brand is designed for curvy and full-figured women who celebrate their size and shape. If you wear lots of T-shirts and knitwear tops, this bra is definitely for you. The fleece lining provides “modesty” coverage and the center front design is good for flexibility. These products are available in 38-44D, 40-44D and 42C. The price is pocket-friendly and the color choices are Black and Latte. 

The seamless design means that you don’t get those annoying visible bra lines showing under your tops in softer and smoother fabrics. There is a full coverage back panel that is flexible and soft, and it really does its job. Your back fat simply disappears as it gets spread over a larger area and is kept firmly under the panel. 

In short, there’s all the comfort, support and back fat elimination you’re looking for, with this product. 


  • It feels comfortable and well-fitting
  • Stretchable straps
  • Thick, smooth material
  • Offers a natural shape and silhouette
  • Lightweight yet snug fit
  • Smooths back fat completely


  • Sizing may not be accurate
  • Straps tend to roll up
  • Lace and underwire may cause skin irritation
  • Layered cup material doesn’t sit evenly
  • Not very durable
  • Handwash only

Glamorise Women’s Full Figure Plus Size MagicLift Original Wirefree Support Bra #1000

Best Bra For Back Fat

You can’t really go wrong with Glamorise. This company has been around since 1921 and they have made it their business to cater to the fuller figured and plus sized woman. Their specialty is designing for the generously sized woman, with attention to details such as wider straps that have padding, bounce-control and their own original criss-cross architecture. This means you get a bra that doesn’t pull, poke or slip, and neither does it dig into your body. Their wire-free designs hold and lift painlessly. 

This bra has been a staple best seller from Glamorise. The reasons are not hard to find. Customers love the great fit, elegant styling, feminine appeal, and all-day comfort. That’s why this could be the best bra for back fat.

One of the secrets of why it’s so comfortable is that this bra is made from a happy blend of 50% polyamide, 40% polyester and 10% elastane. This gives it just the right amount of stretchiness balanced with support and comfort. 

Another reason for its popularity is that it is blissfully without underwiring. The wire-free support is achieved by means of a cleverly designed cushioned supportive inner bust band that does a good job of lifting and supporting. 

Best Bra For Back Fat

The mesh material in the sides and back helps to spread out those annoying bulges and give you a smooth and flat back that’s ideal for when you wear thin fabrics and knits. The wire-padded shoulder straps remain flat and supportive, without putting a strain on your shoulders.


  • Machine washable
  • Charming lace overlay
  • Great fit and elimination of back fat
  • Comfortable for all-day wear
  • Comes in a variety of colors


  • May not be durable around the lace portions
  • The lace irritates the skin
  • Sizing has to be carefully checked before you buy
  • Doesn’t give you the right shaping
  • Band rolls up as you move around
  • Quite expensive


Glamorise Women’s Full Figure MagicLift Embroidered Wirefree Bra #1016

Best Bra For Back Fat

Another great product from Glamorise, the people who pioneered the concept of plus size bras more than a century ago. Their USP has been glamour combined with support and comfort for the curvy woman. They believe in giving customers the right fit through their convenient size calculator and fit-finding resources. 

The Full Figure MagicLift Embroidered Wirefree Bra is made from a blend of 47% polyamide, 42% polyester and 11% elastene. The classic hook and eye closure provides a snug fit. You’ll love the charming embroidery on the upper cups that gives it the right touch of feminine appeal and delicate prettiness. The lace overlay is beautiful and breathable. Glamorise’s own patented MagicLift design offers a great balance of super comfort, support and lift. 

The wirefree feature is another of Glamorise’s design philosophy that offers lift and support without intrusive metalwork. Instead, you have a comfortable, cushioned support band. The full coverage offers comfort and shaping without being obtrusive about it. The criss-cross design provides more secure support, while the two-piece design on the cups gives shape and silhouette. 

Best Bra For Back Fat

The extra wide shoulder straps are broad, adjustable, and cushioned for super comfort. So no more annoying pinching or digging into the shoulders. That also means no embarrassing back fat or side bumps bulging under your t-shirt or knits. May not be as comfortable or flexible as a sports bra, but it comes pretty close.


  • Good looking and attractive
  • Great for everyday wear
  • Machine washable but line-drying recommended
  • Comfortable and durable
  • Available in white, beige, black


  • Strap adjustment too short
  • Elastic band rolls up after prolonged wear
  • Lining under the embroidery may shred after a few washes
Best Bra For Back Fat

For the active, sporty and adventure-loving woman who also happens to be plus sized and full figured, here’s the perfect product. Glamorise has been perfecting the art of crafting comfortable, supportive and good-looking bras for more than a century. 

This camisole design bra is suited specially for all day wear while undertaking strenuous exercises. The fabric is 72% polyester, 17% polyamide and 11% elastene, providing a nice blend of breathability, flexibility and softness. This high-tech fabric has advanced sweat wicking properties.  You’ll love the look of this bra under your T-shirt, because there’s absolutely no sign of nasty back fat or side bulges. And you can say goodbye to backaches too. 

The weave type is knit, which adds stretchiness during those demanding workouts. Full coverage offers comfort and support and you never need to worry about embarrassing spillovers. 

The hook and eye closure at the back has extra padding for comfort and to hold everything in place. It also means that you can get in and out of the bra easily, without painful pressure points or welts in your skin.

Best Bra For Back Fat

This bra features Glamorise’s exclusive WonderWire design that has a well-cushioned inner band that protects the skin from coming in contact with the wire. The cooling outer mesh panel adds a touch of sportiness and the extra wide straps are non-stretch for great support and stability. You can machine wash, but line dry and avoid bleaching. 


  • Great bounce control
  • The fabric is fast-drying and moisture-wicking, keeping you cool while you work out
  • Cushioning prevents digging into skin by the underwire
  • Mesh insert in front looks great and offers breathable coverage


  • Sizing may not be accurate
  • Not enough stretch
  • Fit and color may not be satisfactory
  • May show a line under your clothes


Glamorise Women’s Double-Layer Custom-Control Sport Bra

Best Bra For Back Fat

This manufacturer has been innovating bra design, technology and materials for more than a century. With the Double-Layer Custom-Control Sports Bra, you’ll never have to flip bras every time you change your sport or activity.

Whether you’re walking, running, cycling, practicing yoga, or jumping rope, this bra offers amazing flexibility. The compression fit technology holds the body tissue in while the criss-cross design provides support and lift. This design is purpose-built for fuller, flatter figures. 

The secret is the two-way back stretch that allows a free range of movements without fear of slipping or rolling up. The extra plush hook and eye closure prevents injury to the back. Best of all, you can totally avoid ugly and annoying back fat and side bulges with this bra.

The breathable, adjustable, mesh front panel is classy and fashionable. The bra is available in black and grey, white, blue and green, gray and white. It also features four different levels of bounce control by means of Glamorise’s own wirefree patented MagicLift technology. 

The extra wide, non-slip shoulder straps stay put no matter what you’re doing. You can adjust them at the back for better comfort and fit. 

The material is 56% polyester, 37% polyamide and 7% elastene, making it a good blend that allows breathing and softness. The fabric is quick-dry and moisture absorbent with sweat-wicking properties. The reinforced cups are wirefree for painless lift and impact support.


  • Great for a variety of activities and travel
  • Affordable pricing
  • Interior lining in cups for long lasting dryness
  • Good support and comfort
  • Eliminates back fat and bulges
  • Breathable, washable, comfortable and flexible material


  • Sizing may not be accurate
  • Material too thin and may cause allergies/itching
  • Straps not stretchable enough with flimsy plastic rings



Back fat presents an embarrassing and unsightly rear view. It is annoying and almost impossible to move it. Whether you call it angel wings, love handles or jelly rolls, it is certainly not a beautiful sight. It may have nothing to do with your weight or size.

Most often, it’s caused by ill-fitting innerwear, wrong sizing and inadequate support. Lacy, wispy bras may look glamorous, but they offer little comfort, support or shaping, especially for curvaceous women. Instead, choose wisely.

Bras with scoop backs, broad straps, wider bands, underarm panels and made from stretchable fabric are the key to a smooth back.