Medium Tapered Square French Tip Acrylics

In recent times, nail care and nail art are gradually becoming exceedingly popular forms of fashion and style. Both men and women have been indulging in it and enjoying the glamorous and stunning look it provides. Medium tapered square French tip acrylics serve as one of the most selected and sought-after choices among the rest of its kind.

What Do We Know About Medium Tapered Square French Tip Acrylics?

Nowadays, numerous types and kinds of nail shapes remain available for people interested in this form or fashion. Among them, medium tapered square French tip acrylics is an exceptionally famous and chosen one. Let us break down the various parts of the name to understand it better.

Firstly, we have the “medium” part. As the name suggests, it refers to the length of the nail extended beyond the fingertips. Such files have a grit of 180 and serve as the best choice for extensions that involve average thickness.

Medium file nails provide a free edge or end to the finger or toenails. They do not hinder everyday movement and activities. Instead, they offer a mesmerizing yet professional look.

Next comes the “tapered square” part. The shape gets implemented primarily on short or medium-sized nails. It has a characteristic tapering at the free end that extends slightly beyond the fingertips.

Tapered square nails have a small break in their rectangular or square shape. However, it is not very significant or notable. Overall, this type or kind proves the best choice for those who desire appealing yet manageable nails that do not break easily or without any cause.

In other words, these nails do not require much maintenance, care, or upkeep. It gets enhanced by the top that has a straight and horizontal filing. Also, it has a 90-degree angle on both sides where it bends vertically.

It makes it perfect for people who have to use their hands and fingers extensively. In addition to that, the tapered square shape has a unique ability. They can transform any bulky and poor-looking nail to make it seem feminine, elegant, and attractive.

After that, we have the “French tip” part. It refers to an extension or addition over the nail that helps achieve and provide a French manicure appearance or look. It can be of any shape but is generally light pink or white.

French tips can work with either gel or acrylic bases or systems. It aids in attaining and sustaining a more realistic and natural look. On top of that, French tips are more durable and sturdier than their artificial counterparts.

For that reason, French tips can last for a long time. It stands true, irrespective of the abuse and damage they experience.

In the last portion comes the “acrylics” part. It gets made of a unique combination of a powder polymer and a liquid monomer. It forms a homogenous paste that gets bonded to an individual’s natural or inherent nails.

The bonding can get extended to give any desired or required shape and length. It gets done in a hot to semi-hot state. After the paste cools, it hardens in its place to add thickness, strength, and durability to the extended portion.

Acrylics serve as the best choice for those who desire an even-shaped nail or canvas. In addition, it helps those people who wish to perform some intricate and delicate nail art and design. The best part about acrylics is that they are highly durable and do not break or chip off easily.

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What are the Best Ways to Care for Medium Tapered Square French Tip Acrylics?

All nails require some particular care regimen. It helps ensure that they last for an extended period and do not require replacement or repair after a short duration. In other words, it aids in reducing the trips to the salon considerably.

Primarily, the acrylics and French tip parts require maintenance. Nevertheless, a few general and effortless care methods consist of the following:

  • Gentle Treatment

Nails and extensions of all kinds and types require extensive care and gentle treatment. It implies that an individual who has gotten their nails done must pay special attention to how they use their hands and fingers. They must not use them for any rough and strenuous work.

For instance, the nails should not get utilized for popping open a can, breaking through tapes, lifting heavy objects, etc. Otherwise, it can damage the extension and the underlying natural nail. On top of that, it may destroy the entire look of the fingers and result in injuries.

Nevertheless, an individual should wear gloves if they find themselves in a situation where they must use their fingers. It can consist of chores or tasks, such as gardening, dishwashing, cleaning, etc. It protects the nails from chemical and physical damage.

  • Dry Nature

It is essential to keep the acrylics dry to ensure their longevity. In other words, the nails should not get exposed to water or any liquid substance. Otherwise, it may result in fungal growth and excessive chipping.

On top of that, overexposure to substances like water can result in acrylic glue loosening and coming off. For that reason, it is crucial to keep the nails and the extensions dry. Waterproof gloves can help do so.

  • Acetone-Free Remover

The key to keeping perfect-looking medium tapered square French tip acrylics is to coat them with a layer of nail polish that lasts for a long time. However, an individual may want to change the color or design at some time. In such cases, they would use a nail polish remover.

However, it is essential to ensure that the nail polish remover is acetone-free. Otherwise, it can degrade and deteriorate the condition of the nails, destroying their look and appearance. In addition to that, they may cause them to become soft and have pits in various places.

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Besides acetone, other substances that can damage the nails should also get avoided. It can consist of excessive heat or chemicals like turpentine.

  • Hygiene

Caring for the nails does not mean that an individual should pay attention to solely the keratin portion. Instead, they should also consider the entire area encompassing the fingertip.

It is necessary to keep the skin around the nails clean and hygienic. It is possible by clearing out the dry skin and washing the hands gently yet regularly with anti-bacterial soap. On top of that, moisturizing the skin and cleaning under the nails with an alcohol swab helps significantly.

It is essential to look out for any signs, effects, or symptoms of redness or skin peeling. They should get treated at their first indications. In most cases, their cause lies in nail infections.

How Much Does it Cost?

There is no fixed price to get medium tapered square French tip acrylics done. It varies from salon to salon. In addition to that, the particular design, color, finish, and materials used play a role in the final cost estimation.

Generally, a standard manicure requires approximately $15 to $20. However, it can increase to a minimum of $100 when acrylics come into the place. The average expenses associated with acrylic nails having French tips can range around $60.

The price may increase to $85 depending on the precise work done with and on the nails. Overall, various factors influence the expense required to get medium tapered square French tip acrylics. They consist of the salon demand, colors used, materials needed, finish achieved, design, texture, durability, etc.

How Long Do Medium Tapered Square French Tip Acrylics Last?

Typically, medium tapered square French tip acrylics can last about six to eight weeks. The duration starts right from the day the nails get done. However, the period may increase or decrease depending on several parameters and factors.

For instance, the rate or extent of nail growth may influence the time. It may be positive or negative. On top of that, the method or manner used to care for the nails plays a part.

Suppose an individual does not maintain their nails and the extensions. Instead, they use their fingers and hands extensively and for crude jobs. In such cases, they cannot expect the medium tapered square French tip acrylic to last more than three weeks.

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An individual should get their fill-ins done every two to three weeks to ensure their nail’s longevity. Even if the extensions do not break away or chip off, they should follow it. The sessions or appointments help increase the nails’ durability, lifespan, and appearance.


Medium tapered square French tip acrylics provide a mesmerizing and attractive look to the fingers and the entire hand. They are not exceedingly costly and do not require much money to get spent behind them continually. In addition to that, the nails and the extensions are effortless to manage and maintain.

The benefits of medium tapered square French tip acrylics have made them exceptionally popular in today’s market. Numerous individuals are getting their nails done in the mentioned style. They consist of models, office workers, and other similar people interested in improving the look and appearance of their nails.

The popularity of medium tapered square French tip acrylics can get owed to their natural, neat, and professional look. Nevertheless, it comes with an appealing appearance that can charm thousands.