Balconette Bra: 5 Best Exceptionally Light and Comfortable Balconette Bras

balconette bra

Wired, non-wired? Push-up, strapless? Minimizer, bralette? T-shirt, sports? It’s easy to get bewildered by the sheer variety of products available in the universe of bras. The dazzling array of styles, colors, designs, fabrics, architecture and purposes can be overwhelming and mystifying.  And more importantly, it’s important to get sized and fitted correctly so that you feel snug with no strain, pinching or poking. You’ve heard of balconette bra, of course.

They’re cute, comfortable and give plenty of support and coverage. The term comes from, you guessed it, “balcony” because of their distinctive straight-line shape across the chest, and their characteristic horizontal cut.

But what makes them a top choice for lots of women?

Though designed for the more generously-endowed woman, they’re great for women of all ages, shapes and size. They provide a better shape and appearance to the silhouette. Though they offer good coverage, they’re different from the full coverage product that makes it difficult for you to wear low cut necklines. This bra has half cups and a larger waist band, so it trims your waist too.

You can buy them in a variety of fabrics, trims and lace and they’re a must-have in your innerwear wardrobe.

How I Selected The 5 Best Balconette Bras

Choosing the right balconette bra for your own personal body size and shape is dependent on several vital factors.

They include:

Body Shape: Women with wide shoulders and who want to wear wider necklines are the perfect candidates for this product. If you have sloping shoulders, avoid this bra. Women who would like a better bust shape, or those who have an “athletic” torso with more volume at the sides can choose this bra.

Match to Outfit: If you’re wearing a dress or blouse with a low neckline in front, this bra gives you the support without being intrusive. It gives you adequate coverage without chances of wardrobe malfunction. The straps are wide-set so they’re usually out of sight.

Comfort: There’s good support from the underwire and also the seaming. You feel confident and comfortable because you know the top of the bra cups won’t show in an unseemly way, while still giving your upper-body good air circulation. The wider straps and low cup profile provide almost invisible support under a variety of outfits. It is great for daily wear as well as for special occasions. Unlike the push-up bra, this one doesn’t make you feel suffocated or top heavy.

5 Best Balconette Bras

Rosme Womens Balconette Bra With Padded Straps, Collection “Eliza”

balconette bra

Good-looking, functional and value for money, the Rosme Womens Balconette Bra With Padded Straps, Collection “Eliza” is something you’d love to have in your innerwear collection. It works superbly with outfits that have boat-necks, broad, deep necklines and gives your body a well-contoured silhouette.

Available in sizes from 32B to 48H, you can buy it in white, black, beige, red and combination black-red. It is manufactured from 58% nylon, 30% cotton and 12% Spandex, making it smooth, soft and stretchable. The underwired structure gives the wearer support and shape. It has broad, padded, adjustable lace straps.

balconette bra

The low profile cups are a boon when you want to wear deep cut gowns or tops. However, it may not look as good under a T-shirt, because the seams tend to be visible. The padded inserts are removable.

The under band is quite firm and stays in place without rolling up. The straps provide optimum support, but you will have to adjust them a few times to get the right fit. The strap length must fit without cutting into your shoulders, so try different lengths before you settle on the most comfortable fit.

If you’re a woman with “champagne bottle” shoulders (sloping shoulders) this product may not be right for you, because the straps can easily shift and fall off your shoulders. This bra is also not suitable for sports or strenuous activities. But it’s good for a normal day and a lace-loaded one is great for special occasions.


  • Fits true to size
  • Comfortable and supportive
  • Good looking, light, feminine
  • Hides armpit bulges


  • Wide set straps sometimes slip off the shoulder unless you adjust them properly
  • Material may be a bit rough and not soft enough
  • Underwire is too thick and uncomfortable

Playtex Women’s Secrets Shapes & Supports Balconette Full-Figure Underwire Bra Us4823

balconette bra

Designed for the full-figured woman, the Playtex Women’s Secrets Shapes & Supports Balconette Full-Figure Underwire Bra Us4823 is comfortable and stylish at the same time.

Made from 83% nylon, 17% Spandex in front and 68% nylon and 32% Spandex at the back, it totally relieves pressure on the shoulders. Shoulder strain is something that most women with full figures are concerned about when they purchase a bra. The touch of lace gives it a glamorous and feminine look.

The cups are cotton lined for absorbency and softness. The strap is also cotton lined and adjustable. This gives the garment the required coverage and modesty. You feel confident that you won’t suffer any embarrassing wardrobe malfunctions.

The biggest plus point is the support. With Playtex’s patented 4-way Tru-Support feature providing the right architecture, this bra features a taller back for extra back support, a great advantage for generously endowed women.

The higher sides prevent those ugly side bulges.

The ultimate seamless look is because of the smooth finish of the foam lined cups, so you don’t have to worry about embarrassing lines and wrinkles. The balconette neckline is stylish, modern and versatile. You get a customized fit with the hook and eye closure for added support and holding.

This bra is available in a dazzling array of 34 shades: white, black, red, nude, nude-rose, aqua, pearl-lace, blackberry, peri blue, Persian red, light beige, sandshell, taupe and more.


  • Great for generous figures
  • Lightweight, support, comfort and fit
  • Stylish, feminine and contemporary looks
  • Attractive colors


  • Straps may slip if not adjusted correctly
  • Sizing not correct
  • Underwiring makes creaking sounds
  • Material is starchy and scratchy till it is washed a few times
  • Underwire may be too thick and heavy for heavily built women


b.tempt’d by Wacoal Women’s Ciao Bella Balconette Bra

balconette bra

A dressy, pretty and feminine bra, the b.tempt’d by Wacoal Women’s Ciao Bella Balconette Bra is something every woman would love to have in her collection. You will love the elegant and classy design. It looks pretty and is very flattering, no matter what your figure.

The Wacoal brand is focused on creating inner wear for your lifestyle and not the other way round. It is both functional and fashionable, with innovative technology and modern styling concepts.

It is manufactured from 86% nylon and 14% Spandex. The cup lining is 100% polyester. So be careful handwash only and line dry only, don’t iron or dry clean.

Available in a delectable selection of colors like vanilla, night, bridal white, turquoise, dark purple, liberty, cappuccino and peacoat this bra has a corded lace overlay with a sheer contrast, charming bow accent and scalloped trim.  The adjustable, double rouleau front straps add a touch of playfulness, while the adjustable stretch straps at the back do all the real work. Fishnet wings provide circulation and the secure hook and eye closure provides safety and comfort.

This is the perfect choice for square neck, boat neck and deep neck tops and gowns. The cut and sew foam cups have a stretch floral lace overlay. This makes it very soft and comfortable for all day wear. The thick fabric makes up for not having a padded inner for the cups, but this gives it a smoother and more seamless look.


  • Stylish, pretty, light and very good looking
  • Sizes accurately
  • Fits comfortably and is adjustable
  • Available in attractive shades


  • Lace may become scratchy and irritate the skin
  • Straps may be a little too short
  • Seam in the middle of the cups can irritate the skin
  • Quite expensive

Rosme Womens Balconette Bra with Padded Straps, Collection Kamila

balconette bra

If you love just a touch of underwire, with light padding in the cups, adjustable and padded straps, this is the product for you. Rosme Womens Balconette Bra with Padded Straps, Collection Kamila is great value for money and is a well-fitting, durable and comfortable bra.

Being functional takes nothing away from its good looks. The simple, minimalist lines, give great support while the design is a classic balconette. Available in black, ivory, beige, blue, and black-red, the sizes range from 34A to 52B.

The fabric is 58% Nylon, 30% cotton and 12% Spandex. This blend is soft, absorbent, durable and stretches well, yet holds its shape across washes. It has a single mesh band instead of the normal double layer, which makes it quicker drying. There is no plastic boning under the arms to poke and dig into your flesh. The two part cups are lined with soft cotton, making it comfortable and absorbent. The Rosme brand is manufactured in Latvia and imported to the USA.

balconette bra

The balconette design makes it great to wear under deep square or boat necks, and the straps are wide across the shoulders to hold the garment in place. The fit is snug enough to wear all day. If you have a problem of bulging sides, make sure you buy the right cup size, otherwise it could be a bit of a spillover when you’re wearing a tank top or one with super-size armholes. The back is wide enough to eliminate annoying back fat problems if you have them.


  • True to size, gives good support
  • Comfortable, secure and lightweight
  • Minimalist, stylish looks
  • Available in attractive colors


  • May not suit some figures and could feel stiff and uncomfortable
  • Fabric may feel itchy and rough
  • Underwire may dig into the armpits
  • Not recommended for small chested women

Panache Women’s Clara Balconette Lace Bra

balconette bra

Cute, young, supportive and elegant are what you get when you choose Panache Women’s Clara Balconette Lace Bra. This is a full cup balconette bra with charming embroidery that gives it that classic charm and look of luxury. The 3-section cups provide the right shape and silhouette. The architecture combines technology and comfort with the special padded arched-underwiring.

The typical balconette style is a great choice when you want something to wear under wide and deep necklines.

The fabric is 86% nylon, 8% elastene and 6% cotton, making it a great blend of easy maintenance, shape holding power, softness and absorbency. The sturdy under band elastic stays in place and doesn’t roll upwards. Make sure you hand-wash and line dry for long lasting service. The 2-row 3-column hook and eye closure is designed for security. You have a pick of more than 22 exciting shades.

The full-cup coverage design helps to support, shape and lift, giving you the right shape and silhouette. The embroidery/lace pattern provides a touch of luxury and glamour but yet keeps you comfortable.

The snugly lined bottom cups are a comfy fit, while the lace tops complements the generous figure. This bra features advanced architecture with its 4-section design, Powermesh wings and 15mm under band.

You’ll love the fact that it’s a perfect choice for all shapes and sizes. The straps are completely adjustable and their plush backing feels smooth and soft on the skin. This quintessentially UK brand puts quality and durability first.


  • Attractive and well-fitting
  • Suitable for all sizes, especially the generously-endowed
  • Good design and support
  • Classy, feminine and elegant
  • Eliminates embarrassing side bulges


  • Material is stiff and scratchy
  • Not suitable to wear under a T-shirt
  • Sizing not accurate
  • There may be quality issues


Made famous by Marilyn Monroe, the balconette bra is a beautiful, efficient, multitasker. For sheer good looks, versatility and functionality, the balconette (or shelf/balcony) bra is the right choice. It gives you just that hint of a lift that you need, without unseemly volume.

The wide straps and half cups provide the necessary shape and silhouette. Padding is optional if you like. This design makes it ideal for wearing under wide square or boat necks and plunging necklines as well. This stylish bra can be glammed up with lace and embroidery or kept minimalist with smooth fabric and mesh.