Why I Stopped Eyelash Extensions?

why I stopped eyelash extensions

Eyelash extensions refer to semi-permanent fibrous lashes that get attached to natural eyelashes. They make the lash fringes appear longer, darker, and fuller. However, there is a reason why I stopped eyelash extensions, their treatments, and their use.

In this article, I want to share and deliberate on the various reasons why I took this approach. In addition to that, I want other people to understand and become aware of the drawbacks of eyelash extensions. It would help them escape from the detrimental aspects related to this particular beauty treatment.

What Was the Case Before and Why I Stopped Eyelash Extensions?

I started getting my eyelash extensions done approximately eight to nine months ago. I enjoyed each session with the beauty therapist as she was calm, friendly, and accommodating. On top of that, the process was smooth, painless, and relaxing for me.

I felt more and more empowered with each session. The lash extensions got applied to each of my individual and natural eyelashes. The therapist used semi-permanent glue that did not irritate my eyes or any other associated parts.

I initially started with synthetic eyelash extensions because I was unsure about the outcome. Hence, I decided that the cheapest would be the safest option. However, I was so impressed by the results that I shifted over to using mink lashes at one point.

I chose varying curl patterns, tints, and extension lengths. The choice depended on my mood or the occasion I was to attend. The beauty therapist helped me match my needs perfectly and delivered my customization requests also.

Gradually, with each session of getting my eyelash extensions, I started to feel more confident and even invincible. I felt more beautiful than before, almost as if my attractiveness got built anew.

I had gotten the eyelash extension after much hesitation as I was unfamiliar with the concept. It was my friends and colleagues who encouraged me to get them. However, they never told me the hassle and exhaustion related to maintaining them and how tiring the process can be.

What are the Various Reasons Why I Stopped Eyelash Extensions?

I ceased my appointment with my eyelash extension beauty therapist at the eight to nine-month mark since I started getting them. There were numerous reasons behind them. They compelled me to do so to stop the drawbacks that came with the beauty regime.

The primary reasons why I stopped going for the eyelash extension sessions consist of the following:

  • Price

The expenses that went behind the eyelash extensions were by no means insignificant. It was the case for a single session with the beauty therapist.

On top of that, lash extensions are not a one-time thing. It implies that I had to pay quite often to keep my eyelashes in an appropriate condition. The toll that the fill-ins took on my wallet was more than I could continue for a long time.

My initial treatment cost was cheaper than I expected. It was around $200. However, each fill-in session took approximately $75 with no scopes or chances of discount or concession.

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Hence, my first lash extension and fill-in cost around $300. Initially, I paid no heed to the matter as I enjoyed the confidence and beauty the treatment gave me. However, the expenses gradually influenced my finances and made them tight.

The overall cost that went over approximately nine months was in no way worth the momentary boost of esteem. I felt my lashes were beautiful but not so much that I would carry on spending $75 to prolong their life.

  • Time

A standard or conventional eyelash extension session takes around two to three hours. Mine took about two hours and 15 minutes. After that, the fill-ins come in, and each requires a minimum of 45 minutes.

In addition to that, the top-ups need to get done every two to four weeks. However, it may become sooner for some who have a rapid lash fall-out tendency and cycle. In my case, I had to go every three weeks.

Overall, I had to spend and set aside a significant amount of time for my appointments. Slowly, the session became a hassle and chore for me, preventing me from devoting my energy and efforts elsewhere.

The appointments took so much time that I could not manage my professional and personal lives. However, the lashes did not wait or consider anything before falling off or getting to a poor state if I missed or skipped a session.

  • Damage

The semi-permanent glue that helps attach the eyelash extensions gets made of potent chemicals. It does not cause any issues if applied appropriately. However, it can impede and hamper the growth of natural hair follicles if it gets used along the lash line.

I know about this because this is what happened to me. At around the six-month mark, I observed and realized that my extensions fell off without any apparent reason. They were not holding on as they did before.

On top of that, my natural eyelashes also fell off quickly. In other words, my eyelids were gradually becoming devoid of any eyelashes. It was not something I wished for or needed.

I quickly understood that nothing would get left above my eyelids if I continued to get eyelash extensions. Hence, I stopped the eyelash extension treatments to allow my natural eyelashes to regain their vigor and grow back.

  • Inconvenience

Several points of inconvenience came in once the length of my eyelashes extended. I had to do anything and everything to prevent creases, bends, or wrinkles from appearing on the extensions. The minutest thing could damage them, and I had to avoid that at any cost.

Firstly, I had to get used to sleeping or lying down in a different position than before. I could not sleep on my side or stomach as the eyelash extensions. Otherwise, they could get broken or creased if rubbed against the pillows or bed.

In addition to that, I had to be exceedingly careful when washing or wiping my face. I could not touch my eyes abruptly or without caution. On top of that, I felt uncomfortable whenever I wore my reading spectacles because the eyelash extensions continuously rubbed against the glass.

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In addition to that, there was the issue of the extensions losing their look within two to three weeks. No matter what I did, they resembled spider legs then. For that reason, I had to go to my beauty therapist inevitably.

What are the Benefits Related to Stopping Eyelash Extensions?

After I stopped getting my eyelash extensions, I experienced different and distinct benefits. Yes, I felt not as confident and exemplary as before. Instead, I learned to find the beauty hidden in my natural self.

Firstly, the cessation of the appointments and sessions with my beauty therapist helped me save a significant amount of time and money. I could spend the saved expense elsewhere, such as my clothes, facials, nails, etc. They all also helped me look even more gorgeous and poised than before.

On top of that, I used the time that got saved for various personal, interpersonal, and professional purposes. I got back the lost connections and found an optimal and efficient way to utilize my hours. I am pleased to say that my overall productivity increased thanks to this.

In addition to that, my natural eyelashes started growing back healthier and sturdier than before. I saw it approximately four to five weeks after I stopped getting my eyelash extensions. My inherent lash line found its vigor without me having to do anything.

However, the effects of the eyelash extension sessions remained on my eyelashes. They are now smaller and shorter than before and sometimes grow crooked or creased. Nevertheless, I am hoping for their full recovery so that they can regain their perfect nature.

On top of that, I found better alternatives to improving the condition of my eyelashes after I stopped the eyelash extensions. I realized that I could use a lash growth serum, essential oils, mascara, or DIY lash lift kit. All of them are cheap and safe solutions that do not require much time and effort.


In my opinion, eyelash extensions are not a beneficial investment. It is especially so if a person wants to make their lashes look more stunning. There are better alternatives to it that can provide the same results but without any of the former’s drawbacks.

I had experienced the disadvantages of eyelash extensions firsthand. The sessions resulted in significant wastage of time and money. Instead, they only gave me more inconvenience and damage to my natural eyelash and their follicles.

The beauty provided by the eyelash extensions could in no way overcome the cons. Because of those negative points, I decided to stop getting the treatments. And voila, all my problems got solved!

I am not against people getting eyelash extensions. I am merely advising them based on my personal experiences. The suggestion is not a method of discouraging or dissuading others from feeling happy and beautiful in any manner or fashion.

Overall, the statement I want to deliver is that they are free to get their treatments at their own cost and risk.